Wednesday 29 December 2021

Making New Year resolutions work

Do you want to make the new year resolutions work? Read on!

When you are making a resolution, it is implied that you are aiming for a specific goal, or currently not doing or doing things that aren't helping.

Setting goals:
Instead of specific goals eg. Losing/gaining 5 kg weight, aim at changing certain behaviors. Eg. Working out 5x a week for 45 min. It's ok to have high expectations of yourself, just be realistic, clear, and flexible.

Create space:
When you have planned for new behavior, create time for it in the day by deleting other less important work. You can't fit in an additional activity if the schedule is packed.

Manage procrastination: All procrastinators (which means practically everyone) have an underlying emotional problem. Deal with such emotions as anxiety, guilt, shame, self downing. Do not wait for motivation, drive to begin or to persist. If it's helpful, do it.

Get back on track: When you fall short of the plans, get back on track ASAP without beating yourself for it.